As we already mentioned, quality is our 1st and most important factor - our team are a great example for it!
After years of experience, hundreds of installations, and exploring "Behind the scenes" of the solar industry, we made our choices so our company will be equipped with the best products,  best installers, best office team, and best consultants.

100% U.S.A Made

Green West Energy encourage and support local businesses and the american market in general, we source only the highest-quality components and materials from reputable and proven American suppliers.
This commitment to excellence, make  our solar panel and our operations, consistently meet or exceed the most stringent performance, environmental and employment standards.

Green West Energy Uses Only Solar World Products.
By purchasing the solar modules (here after referred to as: products) from SolarWorldAmericas Inc. (“SolarWorld”), you have chosen a level of quality, which meets the highest requirements
SolarWorldassumes that use in accordance with regulations will reliably maintain the function of the products to produce electricity (hereinafter referred to as: functional capability) as well as reliably maintaining the performance of the products. 
As a sign of our confidence in this quality,  they also carry our 25-year linear warranty to guarantee maximum performance through the lifetime of your system

Best Rates In The Market

25 Years Warranty 

We can offer our customers the most competitive price on the market. 
The simple fact we changed our form of business  -  from a wholesale company to a retail one, made it so that we can get the whole process done within our company, therefor cut the expenses and have you, the customer, enjoy the benefit of it.

Here are some reasons: 

We Are Always Here For You!!!

Experienced & Professional Crew

Our goal  in Green West Energy is to have you "go solar"  the most smooth and easy way possible.
We will go hand in  hand with you threw the whole process,  from your 1st appointment to the installation,  operating your system and farther more -  actually we will be a part  of your next 25 years -  for any support or assistance you'll need.
Just give us the opportunity to show you the great value of  solar with Green Wet Energy.