Green West Energy  is a premiere solar company in Burbank, California providing solar systems in commercial, residential and governmental properties that are designed to free everyone from soaring energy costs while also encouraging sustainable living and environmental responsibility.
Green West Energy  is a family owned company with high quality service, standards and values.
We started our way as a wholesale company, working with other solar and home improvement corporations - after a while,  we decided we can do everything from within our company, by that; cut the costs, have a full control & knowledge on the project from A-Z, and eventually provide our customers with the best rates possible.

Our target is to provide our customers with a level of finish and quality that is not being offered by any of our competition, as well as an enjoyable customer service experience all along the way.
 Green West Energy  offers a spectrum of solar panels size, color and design to accommodate the varying needs of home owners - our team specializes in designing and building a system that suits your family needs and lifestyle.

The materials and styles may change over the years, but  Green West Energy commitment to its core values will always remain the same. 

At  Green West Energy, we are trying to build more than photovoltaic systems, Our  wish is to  build communities where quality material meets superior design, and a cleaner environment for our kids to grow in.
​A part of  Green West Energy agenda is to awake awareness and educate more about “green building” options, and to help customers intelligently use “green home” features in their new home. We are doing our best to change the perceptions of legislators, decision makers, homeowners, and business-owners alike to get more solar technology on roofs.
In addition to the  “green building" importance, we also believe that customer satisfaction is the key to success, and to the global growth of "green building" and solar systems all around the globe. 
Whether or not the customer is interested in a “green home” or whether their attention is on other features that appeal to them – such as saving moneyGreen West Energy  goal is to use our knowledge and expertise to provide our customers with the best choices to meet their needs.

Green West Energy  is committed to:

* Excellenceby ensuring that every employee, including our managers and owners undergoes extensive and ongoing education in the photovoltaic industry, employees are continually training to master the company’s systems and processes.

* Trust - by giving homeowners a clear picture of the policy, incentives, and investment returns on solar system installation

* Quality construction and customer satisfaction in every system we install. We make sure our customer has a seamless process from start to finish. When you decide to “go solar”,  Just call us!
We'll make your solar experience, a great experience

Green West Energy Inc.

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