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Green West Energy inc.                     
         Residential And Commercial Solar Systems

Why  Now?


Photovoltaic technology is considered to be the most promising and elegant means of renewable energy production for the present time and the future. The sun will provide us with easy and reliable ways of converting sunlight directly into electricity for our homes and offices. 

PV-generated power offers advantages over diesel generators, primary (one-time use) batteries, and even conventional utility power. These benefits make PV the power of choice in more and more cases every day: 
With no moving parts, the cells require little upkeep. These low-maintenance, cost-effective PV systems are ideal for supplying power

Net metering is different from what you buy from your local electric company and what you generate, however with net metering you are only charged for the net amount of electricity that you use currently.
​ net metering is offered in more than 35 states. 

46+ states now have “net metering” programs to encourage the use of renewables on grid. If you inter-tie your system to the utility power Grid you can sell excess power back to the utility. It’s quite a thrill to watch your utility meter spin backwards!

With a battery based system, the inverter will automatically switch to powering your loads from the battery in the event of an electrical grid black out. When the grid comes back on, it automatically switches back. In a battery less system, the RE sources automatically disconnect in the event of an outage. You will go dark along with everyone else. 

So...... that's how it works: 

  • 30% Tax Credits For Solar System Purchase - Ends 2016
  • Rebates From The Utility Companies
  • Low Interest Financing With Zero Down.

Why Green West Energy?

​​Why Solar?